If you’re keen to further develop yourself professionally, AMSA can help with a number of practical and online courses. Whether you’re a Nurse, Midwife, Care worker, Doctor or Nursing student, you can take a course or complete practical training that’s both meets the USA  requirements set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of United States and you can also grow your career with our training courses and take advantage of a discounted rate when you book.


 There are a number of courses on a variety of topic

s that can help you, from refresher programs to advanced learning, using both practical and online training workshops. We provide courses in all the medical fields.

Course Accreditation

Our registration and accreditations makes our medical training truly international and our

certificates are accepted w

orldwide adding value to the course that you have attended.

Course Format and content

The courses have been designed to ensure a logical flow of content through the various teaching activities – audio-visual, practical exercises and handbook theory.