Our Vision

“A healthier and safer community through physician leadership”

Our mission
It is AMSA mission to promote and provide leadership in the art and science of medicine; to preserve and improve the health of all USA; to represent United States physicians in the public forum; and to defend USA physicians’ freedom and ability to practice medicine in the best interests of your patients.

The AMSA goals
The goals of the AMSA are to promote the professional, scientific and economic affairs of its members, to maintain a suitable professional and ethical level in the medical profession and to attend to the status of the physician and medicine in USA.

The AMSA functions in the following areas:

The scientific-professional area
The AMSA, through its Scientific Council, is the deciding body with respect to all aspects of the professional ethics of physicians.

The AMSA determines and oversees specialization procedures and acts to promote and develop continuing education in medicine.

The AMSA incorporates associations and societies from all medical specialty areas. These associations and societies constitute the scientific and professional basis of the medical community in US.The AMSA supports the activities of the specialty associations.

The AMSA is a member of international organizations for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and learning from the experience of other countries. It maintains close mutual relations with medical associations worldwide.

The AMSA is entitled to join any international professional organization as a branch, department or any other organizational unit.

The professional area
The AMSA, as a representative labour organization, negotiates with employers and signs collective agreements and settlements which define physician working conditions, employment benefits and salaries.

The ethical area
The Ethics Board formulates the physician’s code of ethics which is binding following the approval of the national convention. In between conventions special approval of the Central Executive Committee is required to undertake changes or additions to the code of ethics. The ethics committees and the Ethics Board handle all issues relating to medical ethics, complaints between colleagues as well as complaints filed by the general public against physicians.

The legal area
The AMSA is actively involved in legislation pertaining to medical issues and to the medical profession in US. Through its Legal Department, AMSA handles legal aspects relating to the physician community and their work in the public. The Legal Department accompanies AMSA activities and renders legal counsel to the various AMSA entities.

The quality improvement area
AMSA coordinates the activities of the medical community in the US of quality assurance in medicine and risk management: informed consent forms, scientific aspects of clinical guidelines and follow up of surveys and investigations. AMSA also takes action required from time to time to promote the goal of quality assurance in medicine.

The welfare area
AMSA offers various services pertaining to social benefits and welfare including medical insurance (a benefit included in AMSA membership), a consumer club, seminars for retirement planning and activities for pensioners, special financial assistance, retirement homes, funds and more.

The public area
AMSA is working to ensure the public’s rights regarding medical care; promote medical education and preserve patient rights.

AMSA organizes symposia and meetings on various topics for physicians and for the general public. It also prepares position papers on issues on the public agenda pertaining to physicians and the medical profession aimed at creating benchmarks for physicians and presenting its position to the public.